Entrepreneurs think differently about litigation. We fight to win.

After winning a very significant case for a US businessman and his family, he told me about his frustration at the different attitudes to entrepreneurship here and in the USA. In America, he said, success and wealth are admired, whereas in the UK there is a more hostile attitude to achievement, especially where it results in wealth. He felt that there was a perception problem with having ‘too much money’, and that high-profile businessmen frequently drew criticism for this, including in the media.

Many of our clients at Grosvenor Law are entrepreneurs; they did not inherit their wealth, they earned it and they fight to keep it. Their businesses are more than their job; they enjoy the work they do, and it defines not only their commercial outlook, but the way they see their personal and business environments. They rely on their good judgement, common sense and people skills to achieve their success.

Successful business is ultimately about making a profit and taking calculated risks. The essential difference between the entrepreneurs I represent and those who settle for a quieter business life is often the appetite to take those risks, and the incredible judgement they exercise in doing so.

In practice, however, business is not a science and despite their best efforts, occasionally things go wrong; clients are human and make mistakes, some of which in hindsight were avoidable. When disputes arise, entrepreneurs feel the pain more than others; it is their baby on the line. They have a deep personal need to win, to protect all that they have nurtured. The line between what is business and what is personal becomes blurred. They take it personally.

This is where Grosvenor Law excels. We understand the emotion that drives their desire to succeed and this spurs us to fight to win for our clients. We believe our entrepreneurial clients are entitled to the protection of the law as much as anyone else. My firm’s lawyers think like our clients and we will put ourselves right in the firing line to protect our clients’ interests; that is our USP. The same desire to succeed in obtaining the legal outcomes is what defines me and the team at Grosvenor Law; the same way as business success defines my clients.

I started from nothing, selling carpets with my dad from market stalls around the country. Sure, not everyone I met in those days would be a role model for my kids, but they all worked incredibly hard and many went on to build huge companies and private wealth. They are as much entitled to the best legal advice as any FTSE company.

That’s what Grosvenor Law is about. Fighting to win for our clients, with our clients.

Dan Morrison is the senior partner at Grosvenor Law