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Crime & Regulation

Where you are a victim of crime or unexpectedly find yourself accused of wrongdoing, Grosvenor Law’s criminal team is here to help.

We all try to live within the law. Sometimes, circumstances are against us and we find ourselves facing sanction whether from a regulator, an internal investigation or criminal authority.

At these times, the correct support, advice and representation is crucial. Often, criminal complaints may take you completely by surprise and a quick response is required.

There are other times when you feel that the authorities have ignored criminal conduct which has had a significant impact on your life or business, and which cannot be left unchallenged.

We know how regulating authorities think, what buttons to push and what steps to take in order to help resolve matters in your favour.

Whatever your criminal or regulatory law concerns, we fight to win.

Police Station Representation

Whether you or someone you know has been arrested or the police have asked you to attend a voluntary interview, being at the police station can be an extremely stressful experience. The approach taken in a first interview by a suspect has a crucial effect on the outcome of the case.

Grosvenor Law has a highly experienced team of practitioners who stand ready to attend police stations to represent our clients at any time of the day or night.

We have particular expertise in all areas of pre-charge matters, including bail applications, dealing with search warrants and making representations to the authorities to get the case discontinued.

Criminal Defence

The Grosvenor Law team has wide experience in all areas of criminal law, from road traffic and minor public order offences through to serious crime, including drug offences, murder and sexual offences. Many cases in which we are instructed cross a number of jurisdictions and involve collaboration with foreign lawyers. We have successfully defended numerous transnational prosecutions.

Grosvenor Law are also able to advise on possible appeals after a criminal conviction.

Serious Fraud and International Crime

We have particular expertise in successfully defending high value, high profile and complex fraud and ‘white collar’ crime, as well as offences involving international bribery and corruption. Many of these cases involve acts alleged to have happened abroad; where that is the case we draw on the additional expertise of our international commercial team. We are very experienced in acting in cases prosecuted by the Serious Fraud Office, the National Crime Agency and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Asset Protection

We are well versed in the methods and tactics deployed by the prosecution to confiscate assets and income they believe to be the proceeds of crime. Such methods include Unexplained Wealth Orders, forfeiture, criminal taxation and confiscation and we work with our civil litigation team to ensure our clients are protected.

Private Prosecutions or Criminal Complaints

We are one of the few firms with experience in both bringing and defending private prosecutions. Our private prosecutions team takes a holistic approach to such cases, working very closely with our civil litigation department to offer a bespoke and unique service to our clients involved in disputes that contain elements of fraud or other forms of dishonesty.

We also regularly advise clients on the most effective approach when making criminal complaints to the authorities, whilst at all times protecting our client’s interests.

Internal Investigations

Many employers, particularly those in the corporate world, conduct their own internal investigations which are very similar in nature to police enquiries. We work in tandem with our employment law practitioners to protect your interests and ensure that any such investigation is handled lawfully and fairly.

Regulatory Investigations and Prosecutions

Regulation in every sector is increasing, and professional disciplinary hearings and tribunals are becoming more and more widespread. Whether it be the Financial Conduct Authority, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the General Medical Council, the Financial Reporting Council, or a Police Misconduct Hearing, we can provide full advice and representation in what is an extremely difficult and taxing time for any professional who finds themselves at odds with their regulator.

We also defend prosecutions brought by other regulatory bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive, the Charities Commission, the Environmental Agency and the Food Standards Agency.

We know how these authorities think, what buttons to push and what steps to take in order to help resolve matters in your favour.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact us or call 020 3189 4200.

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