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Business & Property Disputes

Your business is important to you. Maybe you established it from scratch, developed a new product or service, or have an enviable market reputation – all due to the blood, sweat and tears that you have invested into it.

Most of your waking life is spent involved in work or work-related activities. When someone threatens your business, you need to protect it – and you need a lawyer by your side to fight your corner, and guide you through the process, with a focus on winning.

Whether you are seeking to bring a claim to recover what is rightfully yours, to stop theft or the exploitation of your rights, or to defend scurrilous claims against you and your company, at Grosvenor Law we have experts in all areas of commercial disputes ready and able to take your matter forward and achieve the best possible result.

Whatever your business concerns, we fight to win.

Financial Disputes

We are experts in recovering significant sums of money for clients, especially against banks and financial institutions.

Unlike many leading London law firms, we do not work for large financial institutions which means that we are not conflicted from litigating against them.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the tactics and strategies deployed by banks and other financial institutions during the litigation process, including:

  • Investment scheme disputes
  • Negligence, breach of trust and conflict of interest
  • Lending and security enforcement and valuation disputes

Company Disputes

Your business and investments need protection. We are regularly engaged to resolve company and partnership disputes, including:

  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Minority rights
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Protection of confidential information
  • High Court employment disputes, including restrictive covenants
  • Unlawful competition
  • Fraud

Corporate and Personal Insolvency

We act for individuals, corporates and insolvency officeholders in all aspects of personal and corporate insolvency. In particular:

  • Advising directors
  • Defending or bringing claims
  • Acting against debtors and delinquent directors for creditors
  • Enforcing security on behalf of creditors ensuring their interests are protected

Business Secrets

Data protection, confidentiality and privacy are important issues which need to be considered when conducting any sort of business. We have extensive experience of:

  • Defending data protection breaches
  • Privacy and misuse of confidential information claims
  • Enforcing individuals’ data protection rights
  • Protecting confidential and proprietary information


We have experience in civil and criminal fraud investigations, from the initial discovery or suspicion, through to trial and enforcement. We know how to pursue fraudsters as well as defend people who find themselves wrongly accused.

We can move fast across different time zones and obtain injunctions through the courts to lock down assets and preserve evidence.

Where there has been criminal conduct, our experienced criminal team will work with you to assist police investigations, or to bring a private prosecution.

Injunctions: Seizing and Freezing

We regularly obtain (or defend) a wide range of injunction applications to aid or resist litigation, including:

  • Search and seizure
  • Evidence preservation
  • Worldwide freezing injunctions
  • Injunction to reveal identities of wrongdoers
  • Disclosure orders against banks and institutions
  • Mandatory or prohibitive injunctions
  • International judgment enforcement

Property Disputes

We handle a range of complex property and property-related disputes for our clients. We represent HNW property investors and their companies, property developers and lenders, private equity and investment funds and corporate tenants.   We fight to win for our clients and bring an aggressive and commercial approach to our assignments: most of our cases are ultimately resolved through a settlement but where we are required to fight in court to defend our clients’ interests, we do so with vigour and passion.

We regularly handle a range of work, including:

  1. Property investment disputes;
  2. Professional negligence claims against valuers, contractors and architects (amongst others);
  3. Enforcement of security;
  4. Trust and probate litigation affecting property; and
  5. Construction litigation.

Our work is varied and every case is unique.  However, the common theme is that every client we represent requires and demands forceful and robust representation.

To discuss how we can help you, please contact us or call 020 3189 4200.