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Our Mission

Grosvenor Law does one thing – and one thing only.

We fight to win.

Whatever the forum, whatever the dispute, it is what we do best.

Since 2011, the lawyers at Grosvenor Law have fought hard to win, protect and secure hundreds of millions of pounds for our clients in all types of commercial and reputational disputes. We have built this firm from scratch with blood, sweat and tears, as well as tenacity and hard work. We think like entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs.

Our criminal team has successfully defended clients against a range of charges, allowing them to get on with their lives free from fear of prosecution. Our family team has secured not only advantageous financial settlements for clients, but also custody and childcare arrangements that meet the family’s needs.

Successful business is ultimately about making a profit and taking calculated risks. When disputes arise, entrepreneurs feel the pain more than others. They have a deep personal need to win, to protect all that they have nurtured. The line between what is business and what is personal becomes blurred. They take it personally.

This is where Grosvenor Law excels. We understand the emotion that drives their desire to succeed and this spurs us to fight to win for our clients.

Our lawyers think like our clients and we will put ourselves right in the firing line to protect our clients’ interests; that is our USP. The desire to succeed is what defines the team at Grosvenor Law; the same way as business success defines our clients.

That’s what Grosvenor Law is about. Fighting to win for our clients, with our clients.