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Director - Senior Partner

Dan is recognised as one of the top litigation lawyers in the UK and internationally. He founded Grosvenor Law in 2011 and has led its growth as Mayfair’s most successful disputes practice.  Dan is the lawyer clients want in their corner: he fights to win.

Dan has recovered billions of pounds for his clients over 25 years of legal practice. He is known for his aggressive approach to litigation and his ability to negotiate favourable settlements for his clients.  He has also successfully defended his clients around the world across a wide range of disputes, even against the most well-resourced and difficult opponents.

Experienced in handling complex, difficult litigation cases, Dan represents a number of the world’s highest profile entrepreneurs, business leaders and corporates.  He is entrusted to handle their most difficult legal problems.  Dan is a businessman and thinks like one: he understands the power of leverage in resolving commercial disputes and fights to win those cases where settlement is not appropriate. He is an expert in understanding and protecting his clients’ interests when faced with criminal, regulatory or fiscal investigations or complaints.  Regularly acting for leading figures in business, the arts, sports and entertainment, Dan deals with sensitive matters, cases with an international angle, and those involving allegations of dishonesty, sharp practice or breach of trust.  In many international cases, where a large international legal team is required, Dan is asked by his clients to “quarterback” the case and bring his tenacity and tactical and strategic approach across different legal jurisdictions.

He also leads highly sensitive personal engagements for clients in relation to private and family matters. Dan has handled multi-billion divorce cases for his clients, obtaining large settlements and also defending such claims.  Examples of Dan’s recent work include:

  • Acting as special counsel to the United States Trustee in relation to the Madoff litigation which recovered billions of USD across a number of legal jurisdictions.
  • Successfully defending former England Captain, John Terry, against allegations of criminal conduct.
  • Recovery of multi-million damages following a successful High Court trial and Court of Appeal win arising from the sale of a Gauguin for $210 million.
  • Successfully overturning a $3 billion asset freezing injunction obtained against his client by a foreign state entity in the English High Court.
  • Negotiating the successful release of a high profile entrepreneur held hostage in an African state;
  • Defending claims (c. US$ hundreds of millions) brought by Liquidators appointed by large German banks against a number of international businessmen following a high-profile banking scandal in Germany.
  • Dealing with a series of big-money divorce and child-custody cases, including the negotiation of the UK’s highest ever divorce settlement.

Nearly all of Dan’s cases at Grosvenor Law are highly confidential and many are resolved without the publicity of Court proceedings.  The above examples simply give a flavour of the sort of work that Dan’s team undertake for his clients and the trust that they place in him to deal with their most critical and sensitive business and personal problems.

Dan’s other interests include running his family’s wine estates, in France and South Africa, and spending time with his family.