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Senior Associate

Sophie joined Grosvenor Law in 2019, prior to which she worked at other London firms ranked in the directories for their work in commercial litigation and civil fraud.

Sophie has a breadth of experience in a wide range of large scale, high value, multi-jurisdictional, and complex commercial disputes involving but not limited to shareholder disputes, Worldwide Freezing Orders, proprietary injunctions and unfair prejudice petitions. She has worked with a number of clients in relation to allegations of fraud, corruption and bribery and has also regularly advised clients in FinTech and investment businesses.

Examples of Sophie’s recent notable work include:

  • Acting for claimants in the Maroil & Anor v Novoship & Ors proceedings, a claim centred around the alleged breach of a settlement agreement causing Worldwide Freezing Orders to be applied for by third parties and resultant loss and damage. The case was recognised by The Lawyer as one of the top 20 cases of 2022.
  • Acting for a defendant in the Suppipat & Ors v Narongdej & Ors case concerning claims of unlawful means conspiracy. The case was recognised by The Lawyer as one of the top 20 cases of 2022.
  • Acting for clients defending serious allegations of fraud and dishonesty and subject to a Worldwide Freezing Order, which included successfully fighting an interlocutory application for summary judgment
  • Acting for an anonymised defendant in the Libyan Investment Authority Société Générale & Ors case, touted by The Lawyer as one of the top 20 cases of 2017. The case against her client was discontinued on what would have been the second day of trial and the client’s costs of the proceedings were paid
  • Advising a number of clients, including wealthy individuals, major international companies and investment houses, in relation to various commercial disputes in the financial services sphere, often involving the recovery of sums due pursuant to contract, recovery of damages as a result of breach of contract and allegations of conspiracy, misrepresentation etc.

Sophie is a member of the Young Fraud Lawyers Association, the London Solicitors Litigation Association and the Future Fraud Professional’s Network.