Finding the right resolution for the dispute

Understanding the tactics and strategies to be deployed in individual situations, we find the right resolution forum for the dispute, representing clients in court both in England and Wales, Jersey and other jurisdictions, appearing for clients in mediations, adjudications, arbitrations, evaluations and structured settlement processes.

international arbitration

International arbitration has increasingly become the preferred method of resolving certain types of disputes, offering a number of advantages over national court based litigation, including confidentiality, speed and flexibility.

We have highly experienced international arbitration lawyers who act for companies, HNW individuals, financial institutions, states and state entities from around the world. We marry our expertise in arbitration, with that of litigation to use High Court interim remedies such as freezing, search and disclosure orders to ensure that there is actual recovery as opposed to just a ‘paper award’.

We advise on the meaning and effect of arbitration clauses, the enforcement of arbitration awards, and the conduct of arbitrations. We believe that arbitration, as any dispute resolution proceeding, should be conducted in a way designed to ensure a swift and certain outcome, particularly in high-value, commercially sensitive matters.

Our many years of experience mean we are able to make the right judgment call for clients when choosing arbitrators, determining which points will appeal to a particular tribunal, and deciding when to fight and when to settle.