Discreet resolution of family financial disputes

We deliver a bespoke client care service whilst being resolutely commerical and tenacious in our approach. Our clients include global entrepreneurs and highly successful individuals and their spouses. We understand their unique objectives and gear our services toward ensuring our client’s private lives remain private. We have advised on some of the world’s largest divorces involving high value and complex trust and company assets, across various jurisdictions. Our empathetic team understands the importance and highly emotive disputes arising over children and specialise in resolving a range of children matters. These include complex international residence disputes and Hague Convention risk of removal cases. We also represent parents in financial claims for the benefit of children under Schedule 1 Children Act 1989. We advise on high value cohabitation agreements, pre and post nuptial settlements and protecting assets by way of urgent injunctions where necessary, including securing worldwide freezing orders.

Our team can offer a full range of process options including collaborative law, negotiation, private FDR and litigation. We recognise that each family is unique and our objective is to cater to those specific needs and deliver to each of our clients objectives.

Recent cases

Representing a wife by resolving her financial claims on divorce after a marriage of over 35 years. The family company was largely controlled by the Husband who sought to suppress the true value of this assets and revalue the company. We successfully acted for a ore-eminent Middle Eastern businessman in very contested court proceedings on divorce, protecting assets both in London and internationally. Notably, we are able to ensure that dynastic assets which fell outside of our client’s control were properly considered as non-marital and not available for legal transfer to the wife.

Represented a entrepreneur who had been continuing to pay his ex-wife maintenance for over 15 years, despite a short marriage of only 2 years. We persuaded the High Court to classify the legal agreement as a “maintenance agreement”. This enabled the document to be varied and ultimately dismissed, allowing our client to achieve the freedom of a clean break.