Protecting our clients' business interests

We have an in-depth understanding of ¬†information and data theft cases which arise in an employment context, and human resource related litigation, appearing regularly for our clients (both employees and employers). With information and data theft being the most common type of fraud perpetrated by employees against their employers, our lawyers have a proven track record in protecting our client’s business interests. We have successfully obtained more than a hundred injunctions over the past 10 years in the area of data theft cases linked to claims for breach of covenant, client or staff poaching and unlawful competition, pioneering the development of creative legal tools to deal with this issue. We also advise on the steps to be taken to mitigate against information and data theft.

Recent cases
Our lawyers have won a series of High Court claims concerning poaching of key employees and solicitation of clients, acting for the employees, the previous employer and the prospective employer in sectors including recruitment, banking and finance. We have obtained “Confidence Orders” against former employees and the staff of existing clients, compelling them to comply with contractual duties of loyalty, data protection and privacy. We have represented FTSE100 businesses and other large employers on a number of information theft and covenant-enforcement cases. These have involved working with investigation agencies to uncover evidence of information theft and obtaining Injunctions to seize evidence, remove computers and to access third party information to support our client’s case. Other cases have involved the recovery of commercial information disseminated via social networking sites and asset freezing injunctions to prevent the Defendant from disposing or concealing his assets until compensation has been paid in full.